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Dodał: admin sierpień - 13 - 2010


Would like to advertise on Now we have got special offer to YOU!

1. 150 x 150 ad box on the top of the sidebar

Only one box here. Ad will be displayed on every page of TechnetBlog


2.  150 x 150 ad between Recent posts and Poll section

You can buy max. 3 ads here. One box costs 7$ per month. Ad will be displayed on every page of TechnetBlog.


3. Bottom of article – Related posts section

Max. 2 links here. Each link costs 5$ per month. Ad will be displayed at the bottom of every article on TechnetBlog.

related-posts-linkMaximum advertisement capacity:

  • 1 ad box for the 10$
  • 3 ad box for the 7$
  • 2 links for the 5$

All information stated above – including pricing and positions – is subject to change. Also, TechnetBlog reserves the right to refuse any advertiser for any reason at any time.

For more information, and to start the process of placing your advertisement on TechnetBlog, please contact us.

If you need help to translate something into Polish just ask!